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def khmerconverter v.1.4::modules::FontDataXML::FontData::__readUnicodeData (   self,
) [private]
reads the unicode data for one font from the dom tree 

Definition at line 222 of file FontDataXML.py.

        """ reads the unicode data for one font from the dom tree """
        if (not FontData.fontElements.has_key(fonttype)):
            raise self.FontNotFoundError("Font: " + fonttype + " is unknown.")
        font = FontData.fontElements[fonttype]

        # check and resolve inheritance
        if (FontData.parents.has_key(fonttype)):
            parent = FontData.parents[fonttype]
            # do we need to load the data?
            if (not FontData.unicodeFontData.has_key(parent)):
            # copy variables from parent
            unicodeDicts = list()
            for d in FontData.unicodeFontData[parent][0]:
            unicodeTable = list(FontData.unicodeFontData[parent][1])
            # init variables
            unicodeDicts = list()
            unicodeTable = ["" for i in range(MAXUNI)]

        maps = font.getElementsByTagName("maps")
        if (len(maps) > 0):
            self.__readGlobalUni(maps[0], unicodeTable, unicodeDicts)
            self.__readFromUnicode(maps[0], unicodeDicts)

        FontData.unicodeFontData[fonttype] = (unicodeDicts, unicodeTable)

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