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khmerconverter v.1.4::modules::FontDataXML::FontData Class Reference

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class  Error
class  FontNotFoundError
class  XMLDataError

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def canDecode
def changeEncoding
def defaultFont
def isConvertable
def legacyData
def listEncodingTypes
def listFontNames
def listFontNamesForType
def listFontTypes
def readXML
def typeForFontname
def unicodeData

Static Public Attributes

list encodingData = ["cp1252", "utf-8", "latin-1", "iso-8859-1"]
 fontElements = None
 fontNames = None
 legacyFontData = None
 parents = None
 unicodeFontData = None

Private Member Functions

def __addToUniData
def __decodeLegacy
def __readFromUnicode
def __readGlobal
def __readGlobalUni
def __readLegacyData
def __readToUnicode
def __readUnicodeData

Detailed Description

reads the fontdata from an XML file into a DOM tree
    but creates the data structures for the fonts only on demand 

Definition at line 42 of file FontDataXML.py.

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